10 Tips For Social Media Marketing

social media marketing blackfootBefore you start social media marketing, it?s important to understand the fundamentals of good social media marketing. At Perfect Point Marketing we understand the steps you take in your marketing endeavors on social media platforms can build your customer base or lose it. Learn how to become a dynamic social media marketer by understanding some key points in having a strong, healthy, successful online voice.


Of course we think it?s most important to have a voice. To post a status and tell our potential customers how much they want our product or service. What we can sometimes fail to realize is that we can?t possibly give our customers what they want if we don?t listen to what they want. Once you pay attention and listen to the needs of your consumers, you can provide valuable posts with information that your potential customers want to hear.


Don?t try to give your customers EVERYTHING. What is your area of expertise? Promote that. You will be more successful in focusing your marketing strategy if you have a specific purpose.

Quality Audience

Many companies tend to focus on how many ?likes? they get rather than who they get. Remember that it?s okay to have a smaller number of ?likes? from people who are buying your product or service than thousands of ?likes? from people that you?ll lose down the road. Quality is better than quantity.

Be Patient

It can take a while to build a successful social media marketing campaign. Don?t worry if you don?t start seeing results right away. If you have good, valuable content and you are not over-selling yourself, the right audience will come.


What value are you bringing to your social media platform? This is another instance where quality beats quantity. Posting all day long will get you nowhere. Value is what people are after. If you are posting valuable content, you don?t need to do it all day long to see results and build your audience.


Treat your social media platform like you would any other source of customer service. Don?t ignore someone that tries to contact you. Make connections. Reply to messages and comments. People want to see that someone cares about what they are saying and that they are listening. Again, listening is key! This is another way you can show your potential customers that you are listening to what they want.


In the social media world, it?s okay to share other peoples? posts. Remember that! It?s okay to share other peoples? posts. As long as it is valuable and pertains to your specific service or product, it?s okay to share with your audience.


Don?t forget to take the time to analyze the results of your past posts. Do you notice which ones received a lot of attention and which ones didn?t? Which ones initiated a lot of conversation and which ones barely got a ?like?? The past interaction on your social media platform can help increase your future interaction. Pay attention and monitor it.

Give More

Don?t give more by posting more. Give more by providing helpful links or videos. Engage people with what they want to know and what they need to know. Links and videos can be very powerful social media tools.

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