Twitter Introduces Custom Timelines

Twitter has announced a great new tool that will help users organize their tweets and tweets about them, giving marketers a powerful new tool in their extensive and continually growing social media toolbox. Twitter?s custom timelines allow users to create a timeline of tweets for just about anything?events, topics, breaking news, chats and more. The […]

Twitter Adds Photo Tagging, Multiple Photos

In an effort to compete more effectively with photo-centric social media apps like Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook, Twitter has added two new features that provide greater functionality for those wanting to tweet photos. The first feature allows users to share up to four photos in any single post. Previously, just one photo could be […]

Tips for Updating Your Company Logo

Your logo is a reflection of your company, and helps convey messages about your brand to your customers. What colors, shapes, font styles and images that you use all impact how your company is perceived by the public, and sometimes these elements need to be refreshed as businesses evolve, design standards change or for usefulness. […]

The Pros And Cons Of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be a very valuable tool for businesses seeking to grow their social media presence and their lead generation from their website. The term ?marketing automation? has been broadly adopted to refer to both scheduled social media content as well as automatic, personalized emails scheduled to send at certain points in the sales […]

The Marketers Guide To Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a relatively new term and describes a type of marketing style that encourages fast, sustained growth with very little cost. Growth hackers are commonplace today in the startup technology industry where there are dozens or even hundreds of companies promoting a similar app or service. Growth hackers are those who find a […]

Pinterest Launches Interests Feed

Pinterest has announced a new feature they are calling ?Interests? that will make it easier for users to discover new content related to their interests. Pinterest will utilize search and browsing history as well as pinned content to help deliver personalized content directly to the user. The Interests feed is separate from the home feed […]

Pinterest Adds Place Pins For Travel Planning

Pinterest recently announced a new type of rich pin that allows users to map the location of their pins, opening up an entirely new opportunity for marketers. The addition is especially helpful to travel and hospitality type businesses, but with a little creativity any business seeking to attract out-of-towners can put place pins to work […]

Marketing and Social Media Trends to Watch

As marketers and small business owners, we know that our job changes everyday as new technology is introduced and we continue to look for new ways to effectively reach our target audience. Looking forward, there are several new trends emerging that will be prevalent in the coming years. Mobile Usage Will Continue to Increase According […]

Managing Your Online Reputation

Do you know what people are saying about your company online? Are you monitoring social media and user-generated reviews on Google or Yelp? If not?and the reviews are not favorable?they could be hurting your marketing efforts and your bottom line. Online reputation management is growing in importance as more and more people research a company […]

Marketing To Millenials: What You need To Know

In recent years a new term has been going about that describes the next generation?millenials. Millenials, sometimes referred to as Generation Y, were those born sometime between the early 1980s and early 2000s. What makes this generation distinctly different than previous generations? Technology. Most millenials grew up during the time where computers were common in […]

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