Creating Buyer Personas for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

As marketing continues to evolve and the need for more personalized content grows, buyer personas are becoming a necessity for businesses seeking to reach new customers. Buyer personas help marketers gain a better understanding of who their ideal customer is and how to market specifically to them. Buyer personas are fictional profiles of your ideal […]

Creating An Effective Facebook Business Page

In today?s digital age, it is nearly essential for your company to have a business fan page on Facebook. It?s also highly probable that you already have one, but it isn?t getting the kind of return you had hoped for. Creating and managing a company page on Facebook requires planning and regular updates, and also […]

Creating A Successful Ad Campaign On Facebook

For those of you who have never considered paid advertising on Facebook because you thought it would be ineffective or complicated, you may be surprised to find out just how easy it really is. Facebook ads help promote your page or content to users who you have not connected with yet. Facebook allows you to […]

Browser Usage Trends

The Internet is an ever-changing landscape and the tools that are used to access and browse the Internet are evolving rapidly. Gone are the days when website designers only had to worry about compatibility with just one or two different browsers. Today, there are five browsers that are most common, many of which have multiple […]

Tweaks For Boosting Conversions On Your Website

Businesses invest a lot of time and money into creating a working website to promote their business online. But after all that time and energy is put in and the website fails to meet expectations, there are small tweaks that can be implemented to improve performance dramatically. A website should be seen as something that […]

Benefits of EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a pain-free procedure based on ancient principles of acupuncture. EFT is a simple tapping procedure that works to gently realign the body?s energy system, and is one of the techniques used by Options Counseling in Idaho. EFT works to address a number of unresolved emotional issues including fears or […]

5 Things To Know About Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing is expected to trend upward this year, and as technology makes it increasingly easier to pinpoint the location of potential customers the possibilities for digital marketing continue to grow. Location-based technology, driven by the increase in smartphone use and the availability of mobile payments, has opened up a new slew of opportunities for […]

Redesign and inbound marketing

The Internet is a constantly changing world, and if you feel like your website is getting a little stale it probably is. You may have considered a website redesign, but the project has likely been put off due to other projects or budget issues. But what you?re really doing is putting off the inevitable?you still […]

SEO and Long-Tail Keywords

Search engine optimization is alive and well, but the original definition certainly no longer applies. SEO, in its literal sense, means to take steps to improve ranking in online search engines. While that used to mean focusing on keywords, anchor text and link building, changes to the Google algorithm has shifted the focus to relevant […]

How to Effectively Use Video for Content Marketing

As the digital marketing landscape continues to change, expect to see a shift toward more video content. Marketing with videos online and through social media is expected to grow, and while most brands are focusing on written content marketing, you can get ahead of the pack by producing videos today. The shift toward video marketing […]

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