4 Things To Know About Web Design in California For Your Small Business

Your website is a vital piece of marketing and branding success for your small business. Ensuring that your customers have the best possible experience on your website is important. A carefully considered design will save you money up front and increase the potential for revenue long term.

Perfect Point Marketing can help your California business website grow your bottom line by avoiding these common mistakes:

1. Understanding your target market is more important than getting your website done quickly.

When building your website, the first order of business is to research your target audience in your specific market. Only after you understand your target market well should you consider your website design.

Design your website around your research. If your target market is older, you might consider a larger font. If your business is geared towards a younger market, smartphone compatibility is going to be important.

The bottom line is that designing with your target market in mind is far more important than completing your website quickly.

2. Target someone, not everyone.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to appeal to the masses rather than to a specific audience. It may seem that the more people you accommodate the more business you will have, but this is not the case.

When you try to please the masses you most often end up pleasing no one. Figure out who your target market is and focus on creating the best possible experience for them.

3. Be intentional, not flashy.

A flashy design does not sell services or products. At Perfect Point Marketing we help you market your business effectively through your website by not only attracting visitors, but also getting them to the right place once they reach your homepage. And the truth is that the majority of users visit website on wireless devices that don?t display flashy designs well.

Most visitors come to your website with an understanding of what they want. Our job as your web designer is to make it easy for your customers to navigate where they want to go quickly.

4. Establish a clear call to action.

Understanding what you want your customers to do once they?ve found your website is important. Do you want them to subscribe to an e-newsletter, buy a product, contact you about a service? Ideally your website will easily communicate to visitors what the next step is and when, ideally now! Our designers will help you answer these questions and design with your call to action in mind.