5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Small Business

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Do you cringe and feel a little guilty when you hear the word ?blog?? It?s time to change that mindset around. Blogging has countless benefits, and is a great marketing tool. Here are some of our favorite reasons to blog that will be sure to leave you running for your computer to whip up your newest blog. Ok… maybe not running, but the reasons to blog make it all worth it.

Boost Search Engine Optimization

Raise your hand if you want more website visitors! Take advantage of a current blog to increase traffic. Search engines scour the internet for up-to-date content, so play the game! What better way to provide fresh content than by writing new blogs every week? Google loves it when you continuously update your site with fresh content and they will reward you for it. Every new indexed page is one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines.

Establish Expertise

Blogging consistently helps communicate your knowledge base to your customers. You want to be the expert. By answering questions, providing resources and demonstrating your skill as a leader in your industry, you establish your business as an authority. This is especially important for small businesses looking to increase their credibility in comparison with larger, more mainstream companies. Even if you are only a few steps ahead of someone else you still have valuable knowledge that you can share.

Drive Long-Term Results

Wouldn?t it be great to take a family vacation and still generate leads? Guess what? You can! If you spend one hour writing a blog post and gain about 150 views and 15 leads, that?s not bad. But the real blogging gem lies in this: Your post is now ranking in search engines. Seriously, Google can be your one downfall or your saving grace. If you blog regularly, it can be the latter. So even when you?re not physically working, you can convert traffic into valuable leads.

Engage Customers with Dialogue

Readers will have the option to comment, like, or share your post on social media. Hello traffic! Comments begat comments, leading your posts to be little hubs of information and thought-sharing that live online forever. Place yourself in a position to be the center of an industry-relevant conversation with potential customers.

Humanize your Company

Blogs offer a unique opportunity to show your light, thoughtful side instead of the typical bustle of a stiff workplace. Through a blog, prospects will get a sense of your business? culture, dreams, goals, and behaviors. Blogs can energize your company to provide dynamic content provided by real people. Let your personality come through and people will identify with you and ultimately know, like and trust you.

Focus your Work

Blogging is a great way to establish a company focus. Too many blogs are scattered with wild ideas and irrelevant information. However, when implemented correctly, posts can work together to form a network of blogs that guide your company in a certain direction. You can establish core principles, a common purpose, and a specific focus in your line of work. And all of this comes with coveted rankings and traffic! Why? Because consumers love businesses with core motives and specific interests. It builds trust in your brand or product. It?s been said that ?If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you.?

So get blogging today! If you?re not used to blogging regularly, start with one or two a week, and slowly increase the amount until you hit the consistent post schedule?you want. Blogging is a powerful tool. Take advantage of it.