Busting Myths About SEO

Here at Perfect Point Marketing we understand how SEO works. We love talking about SEO and how it works. That is why we are here to bust some myths about SEO that you may believe.

When it comes to SEO there are essentially three different types of people. The people who have a passion for SEO and are always striving to learn more. The people who know nothing about SEO who look for advice from the professionals who do. And, then you have the people who claim to be SEO ?experts?. People who may have good intentions, but are sadly misinformed. This is where we get those outrageous SEO myths and urban legends.

Perfect Point Marketing is here to replace some of those well-known myths with some facts. Don?t let the following myths deter your Idaho business from trying SEO.

Myth: SEO is nothing but a scam seomyths

Fact: Sadly some Idaho business owners have been exposed to some shady marketing vendors who promise high ranking SEO services with no intention of delivering on those promises. To have SEO success you need to invest in a consistent SEO marketing strategy and this does cost money.? The smaller your investment the smaller your results. ?One of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that you can get quick and easy results with little to no effort, there are some cases of SEO strategies and wins that meet that criteria, usually on a website that has technical issues that are easy to correct. In most cases, SEO involves a lot of effort and commitment and can provided additional rewards beyond the increase page views and website traffic.

Myth: You only have to do SEO once

Fact: SEO is not a one and done deal. The hard truth is that organic search traffic will fall over time if no effort is applied. Continually maintaining your SEO efforts are essential. Overtime you will start to see link degradation, changes in search engine algorithms, new competition, and many more factors that can affect your SEO rankings.

There is a small fraction of websites that don?t need to invest in continual SEO. If company is bringing plenty of business and they are happy with where they are at, they can monitor their SEO, making a few changes 3-4 times a year and be perfectly safe. The rest of us have to work hard to keep from falling short.

Myth: Google will do all of the heavy lifting

Fact: No that is not how Google works. Most website owners think that if they throw tons of url at Google?s crawlers that their mysterious algorithms will send these pages to valuable users. Even website owners with a handful of pages expect Google to do all of the work.

Google is getting smarter, but magic tricks are not part of the deal.

What most website owners fail to realize is that Google and other search engines are trying to mimic human behavior. They do this by evaluating content and use human generate signals to crawl and rank results. I don?t know about you but I don?t want to crawl over a million near duplicate pages to find quality content.

Every page that shows up in search results should be unique and valuable content. Without this quality, search engine marketing is a game of chance that you are most likely going to lose.

The SEO professionals at Perfect Point Marketing have a passion for what they do and they strive to give you the best SEO results possible. We can create a strategic plan for keyword research and management and perform an analysis on your website that will improve rankings, increase profits, and drive traffic to your website. We don?t believe in empty promises and are here to help your Idaho business get on the path to success.

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