Converting your Website Leads to Customers

You may be doing everything right to drive traffic to your website?you are actively posting content optimized for SEO, you?re sharing it on social media, your search rankings are good and influential people in your industry are sharing your content?but if your web visits are not turning into leads you are missing a huge part of the puzzle.

Converting web visitors into customers

Great content is designed to generate leads. It will drive traffic to your website, improve your search rankings and, over time, will help establish you or your company as an industry leader. In theory, once potential customers are on your website and they like what they see, they will look at your products or services offered, contact you, sign up for a newsletter or visit your social media sites.

As many realize, however, is this is not always the case. Converting visits to leads is a complicated game, but there are several things you can do to ensure your web traffic is heading in the right direction on your website, increasing the likelihood of developing leads and turning those leads into sales.

Who is Visiting My Website?

There are three types of visitors you should keep in mind:

  1. Those who immediately contact you or signup for services
  2. Those who signup for emails or like your Facebook page
  3. Those who simply bounce.

The first type of visitor is great, but they typically represent a very small percentage of your website visitors. For the second type?leads and those who express an interest but who aren?t ready to commit yet?your focus should be on getting them to return by sharing relevant content on social media and through email. If you are experiencing a high bounce rate it’s time to closely evaluate your website and make changes.

Improving Website Traffic

Your website should be in a constant state of improvement. If you haven?t made changes to your landing pages in months, it is probably time to refresh your site. You should regularly post new content to your blog, and make sure all your pages offer accurate information. If someone visits your website and it looks like it hasn?t been updated in months, (or even worse years) they are more likely to continue their search elsewhere.

Make sure it is easy to follow your company on social media, and include links to your social profiles, RSS feed and email newsletter throughout your site, and especially on your blog and blog posts. After people like your page or sign up for your newsletter, it?s important to follow through. Send out regular newsletters with information targeted to your specific audience, and post updates to social media sites on a regular basis as well.

How to Obtain More Leads

You may want to consider gatekeeping some of your more valuable content like e-books to generate more leads. It is fairly common for bloggers and site owners to require you submit your name and email or signup for their newsletter before granting access to these types of documents. If a person is willing to share their email address to access information, they are certainly interested in the topic covered by the document. You can use this information and the prospective customers? contact information to begin developing your leads.

Effective content marketing will help convert these in-betweeners from casual site visitors to solid leads. Continue to utilize content marketing to target these visitors with content that will be relevant and useful to them. The keyword here is nurture?don?t force the sales process and gently guide your potential customer toward your goal or they may get turned off.

Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

As you grow your content marketing efforts and you have a library of blog posts, white papers and e-books, continue to engage with the online community through social media, industry sites, blogs and your newsletter. Work diligently to maintain a consistent flow of content and maintain a connection with your potential leads to improve your lead conversion rate. If you have nurtured these leads carefully they will likely be back, and they may be telling all their friends, too.

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