Creating An Effective Facebook Business Page

In today?s digital age, it is nearly essential for your company to have a business fan page on Facebook. It?s also highly probable that you already have one, but it isn?t getting the kind of return you had hoped for. Creating and managing a company page on Facebook requires planning and regular updates, and also a clearly defined focus.

Identify Goals and Objectives

A Facebook business page can serve a variety of purposes, but before you get started you should identify specific goals and objectives you hope to achieve with your Facebook page. Facebook can be used to improve product or brand awareness, to engage with your fans, provide customer service, drive traffic to your website and to generate leads.

Clearly establish exactly what you want to achieve with your Facebook page, and keep your goals in mind when developing your content strategy. Identify who your target audience is on Facebook, and focus on finding the best way to reach this audience.

Optimize the Design of Your Facebook Page

Utilize all the basic elements of your Facebook Page design, and be sure to upload a profile image and cover image. Your profile image should be easily recognizable and clearly identifiable with your brand. Your cover image can be an extension of your profile image, or you can use it to provide contrast and interest to your page design.

Your profile image and cover image should both be identifiable with your brand. Your profile image should be a static image such as your company logo, while your cover image can be updated and refreshed on a regular basis.

You?ll also want to double-check that your about section?the snippet of information under your profile image?contains pertinent information about your company as well as your website address. Space is limited here, so provide a brief but detailed statement.

Utilize Customized Page Apps

Facebook allows for the integration of custom page apps or custom tabs where you can provide additional information, run contests, or create interactive features like games or quizzes. The content of your custom apps will depend on what you hope to achieve with your Facebook page.

It?s possible to lock or gatekeep your page tabs, requiring your page visitor to like your page before having access to the tab. You can also create custom forms on tabs to gather information for lead gathering.

Promote Your Page to Earn New Fans

Include links to your Facebook page and other social media sites on all your marketing materials and on your website. Make it easy for fans to share your content by including social share buttons in emails and blog posts. You can also include social media buttons in your email signature.

As previously mentioned, you can fan-gate content or coupons, requiring a visitor to like your page before they can receive the coupon or view the content. Contests are almost always set up this way and are designed to grow your fan base by offering an incentive to like the page.

While it?s good to grow your fan base, it?s best to grow it with people who are actually interested in your products or services. Keep this in mind when you are deciding what to offer in exchange for a page like.

Post Regular Updates and Engage Fans

Above all, to grow your fanbase you need to post engaging content on a regular basis. Develop a solid content strategy that includes a variety of posts that will encourage sharing and discussion. Post updates, photos and videos or share blog articles or anything else that would appeal to your audience. Make it personal and engaging and it will stand out in a cluttered newsfeed.

Your content strategy will vary depending on what goals you hope to achieve. Never lose sight of why you are using Facebook in the first place, and always keep your customers in mind when posting updates.