Entrepreneurs Have The Power to Change

Perfect Point Marketing There are countless articles written about the pro?s and con?s of being an entrepreneur. We study them, we debate them, we learn from them, and if you?re anything like me they are part of your daily personal development studies. But, the hands down best ?pro? to being an entrepreneur is the power to change. As an entrepreneur the power to change is within YOUR control.

Entrepreneurs have the power to change their direction, change their mind, change their schedule, and change their life. That is exciting. It is an enticing idea that appeals to many. But, beware there is a trap that can trip you up waiting right around the corner. One of the biggest obstacles to change is complaint.

Entrepreneurs that waste time and opportunities by complaining delay their success.

A complaint is really nothing more than an excuse that sabotages your success. Have you every heard yourself say something like ?If I had more time then I would??? That is the number one complaint/excuse that stalls change. Don?t cheat yourself by complaining when with a determined effort you could be using your time to bring about change. Successful entrepreneurs have a no-excuse mindset.

?If you don?t like how things are, change it! You?re not a tree? ~Jim Rohn

The good news is if the idea of change makes you uncomfortable then you are just like almost every other person. Change is uncomfortable. That is why most people choose to remain the same.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then being uncomfortable can not be an excuse. You?must turn it?into a challenge. Entrepreneurs get to control changes that directly impact their life.

Change Your Direction

If you don?t like where you are heading simply change your direction. As an entrepreneur you are the boss. Become a master of the pivot step. Picture a basketball player. He will firmly plant one foot and then pivot around to find his best move. Successful entrepreneurs can keep a foot planted and then pivot to find the best opportunities.

Change Your Mind

It really is okay to change your mind. The truth is changing your mind can change your life. It can save a lot of wasted time and it potentially shows that you are humble enough to admit when you were wrong. The key to success here is don?t change your mind just because something gets hard. That will just result in lost opportunities.

Change Your Schedule

Entrepreneurs enjoy flexibility with their schedule that others envy! With no boss to tell you when to come and go you set your own hours. But, beware this can be a catch 22 if you?re not careful. As you manage your schedule make sure you are disciplined enough to get things done. Procrastination is an entrepreneur?s enemy! On the other end of the spectrum work never ends so you need to monitor your work/life balance. If your work self is going 24 hours a day you will become less productive, you will hit burn out, and your family will suffer. Remember you can control your schedule ? don?t let it control you.

Change Your Life

Albert Einstein said ?the one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.?

Embrace those uncomfortable moments. Entrepreneurship pushes you towards a personally fulfilling lifestyle that can change your life. The impossible becomes possible when you take control and make the changes necessary. You are not a tree. Keep changing. Find your Perfect Point.?