Expert SEO for Assisted Living

How are future residents finding you? Assisted Living and related keywords are some of the fastest growing online searches. If you are wondering if your target audience is searching online then wonder no more…the answer is YES! Expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for assisted living facilities is not only valuable?it is critical! Your future residents are looking for you online and with smart internet marketing strategies and expert SEO specifically for assisted living you can literally rise above your competitors on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Online Searches for Assisted Living Facilities

There are approximately 7 million searches for Senior Housing Communities on the web in the US alone. In 2008 there were about 35 million over the age of 65 and that number is projected to be 70 million in 2030.? Therefore, we can expect Internet usage for Senior Housing and assisted living to more than double. The good news is that it’s easier than ever for seniors, and their decision makers, to find you. Often decision makers, such as adult children, do not live in your area and may not be influenced by traditional means of advertising, such as radio, TV, and billboards. However, they do search online making your online presence crucial.?Perfect Point Marketing specializes in SEO for assisted living and in-home care. We can help assisted living administrators and owners cut their traditional advertising budget and implement inbound marketing strategies that will help bring future residents directly to you.

Using Fresh Content to Improve Rankings and Build Loyalty

Fresh and relevant content marketing has several benefits. The Google Hummingbird update placed added emphasis on content. This can be a time consuming and overwhelming task for people already wearing many hats. However, it is definitely one worth prioritizing. When great content is optimized correctly assisted living rankings can see dramatic positive movement.

While great content will help your online rankings it can also strengthen relationships with seniors and their families who are researching or considering assisted living facilities. Great content helps families stay connected to your community. Your content tells them a lot about who you are and what is happening. It helps them feel connected. You can (and should) use content on your social media. Sharing your content on social media has many benefits. Increased exposure, building relationships, establishing your community as the experts, and their is a correlation between social media and improved online rankings.

Understand the Online Behaviors of your Audience and YOU will Attract Them

Who is searching assisted living online and what keywords are they using? What are the most important things for them to find? And, what will set you apart and make your community memorable? There are thousand of SEO companies and all make promises, but Perfect Point Marketing specializes in SEO for?assisted living so we understand the unique behaviors and language used by people searching for assisted living facilities and services.

This is just the beginning of expert SEO services for assisted living. To fully optimize your website and enjoy the benefits of inbound marketing there are other strategies that need to be implanted, including Pay Per Click, Directory Submissions, Press Release Submissions, Pubic Relations, Social Media, and Community Outreach to name a few. If you are interested in learning more about inbound marketing for assisted living subscribe to our with monthly advise and tips specifically for assisted living online marketing and enhanced SEO.

Learning SEO From the Experts