Facebook Updates Page Insights

Facebook recently rolled out its new fan page analytics, offering owners and admins of fan pages much more detailed information about their posts and audience. The change has been widely celebrated by marketers and offers new details previously unavailable in Facebook page analytics.

Facebook Analytics Then and Now

Prior to the update, marketers only had access to two primary measurements using Facebook?s Page Insights. The first, ?People Talking About Us,? measured all the ways people were interacting with your content and combined clicks, likes, comments and shares into one metric.

The former ?People Talking About Us? metric will now be broken down into five categories to provide a more defined and useful measurement that allows marketers to clearly identify how people are interacting with their Facebook content.

Facebook has also improved the engagement and reach metrics. The new Insights page allows you to see consolidated data for individual posts as well as cumulative totals for your page.

The new Page Insights layout utilizes tabs to organize your metrics into easily understandable breakout sections. The primary tabs are labeled Overview, Page, Posts and People.

Overview Tab Offers a Quick Snapshot of Metrics

The Overview tab provides just that?an overview of your likes, reach and engagement. The metrics on this page helps you identify the number of new likes, the number of people reached by your post, and compares these figures to the previous week. The Engagement topic provides a total engagement number, but also displays the total number of likes, clicks, comments and shares your posts received.More detailed information can be seen by selecting any of the three metrics.

Post Activity Detailed

Information about your five most recent posts can also be found on the Overview tab. You can see the date and time of the post, the actual post content and get individual reach and engagement numbers for each post. This information, as well as information for all your posts, can also be found on the Posts tab.

Detailed information is now available regarding post activity, and now page admins can see the total number of clicks as well as any negative feedback alongside the total post reach and post likes, shares and comments totals.

Page Statistics

The Page tab details your page likes, post reach and page visits over time neatly presented in an easy to use and understand format. The new Page Insights allows you to easily see your page like trends and allows you to compare this information with your posts to determine the effectiveness of your posts and to identify the type of content preferred by your audience.

The new Page metrics also allows you to see where your likes and post views are coming from?whether it is organic or paid?and these numbers can be used to help you determine the effectiveness of your content as well as your paid advertising efforts. Page admins can see what posts are being hidden, marked as spam and when people are unliking your page.

A new metric, Facebook now tells us which page tabs our fans our viewing, and provides metrics for the timeline tab, photos tab, information tab, and any other installed tab. This information can be especially useful if you have a custom or third-party installed tab that you use to run a contest or to gather information from your fans such as a newsletter sign-up form.

People Engaged and Reached

The new People tab provides advanced insights into your audience, those reached and those engaged with your page or posts. Now page admins can see specific demographic information for their audience and?more importantly?those they have engaged. This information is extremely useful to identify your audience and to see who is engaging with your posts.

This new metric allows you to see how your posts resonate with specific demographics. For example, if the majority of your page likes are from men, but a significant amount of your engagement is coming from women, you may need to modify your content marketing strategy to better reach your male audience.

Impact of New Facebook Page Insights

The new Facebook Page Insights not only allows marketers to have a better understanding of their audience, reach and engagement, but it also provides more solid metrics that allows marketers to measure the effective and ROI of their Facebook marketing efforts.The data offered is much more useful, and finally provides sufficient data to allow marketers to make supported decisions regarding their Facebook marketing efforts.