How Promo Products Can Boost Brand Recognition

Perfect Point Marketing | Promo ProductsBranded and custom promotional products can be of tremendous value to your business, providing lasting impressions and brand recognition. Promo products, especially ones that are functional or useful to the recipient, will be used repeatedly over time, gathering hundreds of impressions and instilling your brand in the forefront of your customer?s minds.

Promotional products can be just about anything customized with your logo. From fridge magnets and pens to USB storage devices and stylus pens, items branded with your logo have lasting power. Promo products have proven brand recall, and are both effective and a low cost form of advertising.

Choosing the Best Promo Products

The promotional product industry is huge, and selecting the best item for your promotion may be the most difficult part of your campaign. By working with a marketing professional at Perfect Point Marketing, we will be able to locate promotional products that best suit your company?s mission or marketing plan and that are within your budget. If you are looking for a creative solution or a custom item, we can use our promotional product expertise to make your vision a reality.

The quality of the items you select will reflect upon your brand, but this doesn?t mean you need to spend more for better products. By working with a marketing specialist at Perfect Point Marketing, we can ensure that you receive the highest quality promotional items at a fair and reasonable price.

Create Goodwill Toward Your Brand

Consider promotional products as customer gifts, and it is easy to see how the right promo products can make a lasting impression with your customers. Promotional products are the one advertising medium in which your customers will actually thank you, and can create a positive impression of your company.

Promotional gift items can vary significantly, from customized mints or candies available at a register or reception desk, to patient welcome gifts, to an emergency car kit included with the purchase of a new car. Start small by identifying ways you can thank your customers in a way that will keep your brand front and center.

Strategically Utilize Promo Products

While anyone can purchase cheap promotional products to giveaway or to use as handouts, your return on investment will be greater if you have a specific plan and strategy for using the promotional products. You will probably want to use a variety of promotional products, both inexpensive and higher value items, to extend your reach as far as possible. Perfect Point Marketing can help you identify promo products that best suit your needs.

Custom t-shirts receive the most impressions, but not everyone who sees someone wearing your custom t-shirt will be interested in your brand. Pens also receive numerous impressions, but the value may be diminished if the pen travels too far away from your business or into a less desirable business establishment.

Strategize your marketing plan with a Perfect Point Marketing promo products specialist to identify your marketing objectives and goals for using promotional products. Identify promo products that will suit your brand and achieve the results you are hoping for. Quality is what matters to your customers, so focus on items that will offer the highest return on your investment and will reach your target audience.

Remember Your Audience

When choosing promotional products, don?t forget those who you are trying to reach through second and third impressions. Make sure your customer is happy, and they will continue to use your promotional gift items. Business to business companies that rely on referrals like title companies can benefit by giving promotional mugs to real estate agents and mortgage lenders, both for brand recall and lead generation, as well as generating goodwill and maintaining relationships.

For business to consumer companies, promotional products help promote your brand in the community. Customer who receive and use promo products from you will continue to generate impressions and new leads for your business.

Regardless of whether you are a B2B or B2C company, promotional products from Perfect Point Marketing will help promote your business, grow your customer base, and foster goodwill among your customers.