LinkedIn Adds Showcase Pages For Brands

LinkedIn has added a new feature that allows companies with multiple brands or products to create niche pages to target specific audiences. The new feature, called Showcase Pages, will allow brands to target their messaging in a much more efficient manner than through a consolidated company page.

Not everyone will want to utilize showcase pages, especially if their business is specialized or features a single line of similar products. But for those businesses with multiple brands, various services or seemingly unrelated products, showcase pages can help target a more desired audience.

A great and easy to understand example of brands with a broad product line is Microsoft. They have a company page, but their Office fans might not appreciate updates about Xbox. LinkedIn Showcase Pages allows Microsoft to create individual content streams for each brand, promoting targeted messaging and more effective marketing.

Companies will be allowed to have up to 10 Showcase Pages, and they are completely free. Showcase Pages will require content and updates, so be sure you have adequate resources to manage the pages before delving in.

Content Marketing with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

If you are a content marketer, chances are you are already considering how best to leverage your content usingShowcase Pages on LinkedIn.The good news? Showcase Pages are designed for maximum content effectiveness.

Because you can target your Showcase Pages to distinct buyer personas, you will be able to target specifically to those most interested in the product or service featured. Showcase Pages can feature content specifically geared toward your individual buyer personas, making it easier for your fans and customers to receive content about the products they most care about.

This should translate to higher conversions, better brand engagement and improved content marketing. Showcase Pages are good for both your brand and your customers, following a trend toward more individualized and more effective marketing.

Do I Need to Add Showcase Pages?

Whether your business will benefit from Showcase Pages depends entirely on the type of business, the variety of products or services offered, and your company resources. If you offer different products for entirely different audiences, Showcase Pages can help target the right content to the right audience. Showcase Pages are also ideal for businesses that cater to both businesses and consumers.

Showcase Pages will not be a viable option for some businesses. Evaluate your business and consider your buyer personas before creating individual Showcase Pages for each of your products. It may not be necessary or effective to divide your audience if you offer similar products or services to similar audiences.

Decide whether it will be beneficial for your brand, or if a simple, consolidated LinkedIn company page would be more effective. Showcase Pages are essentially another social media account, and you will need to create and update content on a regular basis. If you?re resources are stretched you may opt to keep things simplified.

Utilizing Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

The addition of Showcase Pages from LinkedIn is a welcome addition for those seeking to create a more personalized and direct message for their customers and potential customers. Showcase Pages support content marketing, and allows users to opt-in to receive content from brands they follow.

The ability to segment your audience on LinkedIn and deliver content they are more likely to engage with is promising. LinkedIn also includes performance metrics for Showcase Pages through their analytics tool so you will know just how well your pages are performing.

You can always experiment with Showcase Pages and measure how your followers respond. Be sure to make regular updates, and offer a variety of content. Depending on your business, it may be just the right fit.