Major SEO Fails

seo failSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect of any online marketing campaign. As a business owner, you may have spent some time online doing some SEO research. Maybe you did a Google search for, ?Fast SEO Rankings,? or you?ve read our previous blogs on search engine optimization. No matter how much you know about SEO, there is one thing that is certain, playing by the rules is crucial.

There are a ton of things that could go horribly wrong if you don?t play by the rules. Check out some of these major SEO fails so you can avoid a potential SEO disaster!


Fail #1: Trying to Trick a Search Engine

Search engines are dedicated to delivering relevant and useful search results. One way search engines accomplish this is by using keywords on a web page to figure out what that page is about.

Ever since SEO became a thing, there have been people trying to manipulate search engine results, such as including hidden links or text within the pages on their website or stuffing pages full of irrelevant keywords. These ?black hat? SEO tricks have the effect of making search engine results less relevant to searchers. Search engines like Google are starting to get better at filtering out, and even penalizing, businesses who use such manipulation.

Fail #2: Using the Wrong Keywords

When you use the wrong keywords, you can and will attract the wrong type of visitors to your website, and those visitors probably aren?t going to convert because they?re probably not interested in what you?re offering. It?s like putting the wrong address or telephone number on all of your marketing material.

Make sure you are targeting keywords and phrases that your customers actually use when they?re looking for the services or products you offer. This may seem obvious, but all too often companies focus on keywords they think are relevant to their business or website.

Identify your keywords and do your research! Use a free keyword research tool like Google?s Keyword Planner to find and test relevant keywords.

Fail #3: Short-term Thinking

One of the biggest things you need to understand about SEO is that you won?t see the results of your work overnight. You might not even see results in a couple of months. SEO is like building a business, it takes time and effort to pay off. SEO builds on itself and gains momentum with time, and we all know that time isn?t something you can force along.

If you give up too soon you will fail. Instead, try to focus on long-term SEO goals.

Avoid making these common SEO mistakes and save yourself and your company the stress of dealing with search engine penalties that could wreak havoc on your site traffic.

Have you already suffered the wrath of Google or other search engines? Don?t despair! Finding out what has caused the search engines to penalize your website, reversing them and abiding by up to date SEO rules will ultimately resolve the problems that landed you in hot water in the first place.

If you need help resolving any SEO related issues, creating an SEO strategy, or are just looking for more information contact our experts at Perfect Point Marketing.

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