Pinterest Adds Place Pins For Travel Planning

Pinterest recently announced a new type of rich pin that allows users to map the location of their pins, opening up an entirely new opportunity for marketers. The addition is especially helpful to travel and hospitality type businesses, but with a little creativity any business seeking to attract out-of-towners can put place pins to work for them.

The move is indicative of Pinterest?s growth, and is a promising sign that they are continuing to improve the user experience and create potential for new growth. Place pins are just one of several recent additions to Pinterest. They have also added recipe pins, product pins and article pins, all of which offer additional details right inside the pin.

How Place Pins Work

Any user or business user on Pinterest can create place pins. Pinterest has teamed up with several travel-related websites and apps including Citysearch, Foursquare, OpenTable, Trulia and UrbanSpoon that will automatically include location information right in the pin.

Users can create a new board or edit an existing board to include a map. All new and existing pins can be edited to include a place, allowing the pins to be displayed on a map. Additionally, all maps and place pins are accessible on Android or Apple devices, making it easier than ever to find new places on the go.

Place pins and maps can easily be shared, and there?s also an option to create a group board that allows multiple users to contribute. Businesses are welcome to create their own boards.

Place Pin Benefits for Businesses

Place pins allow Pinterest users to plan their next vacation or roadtrip. They can also highlight their favorite spots in their own cities to share with friends, or as a place to bookmark their favorite restaurants or that unique boutique downtown.

The benefits of place pins for travel and hospitality businesses is obvious, and chances are these types of businesses have already been using Pinterest to promote area attractions. The enriched place pins and ability to map the pins will only allow these businesses to offer a better user experience.

Small retail businesses can also get a boost from place pins, too, and undoubtedly users will use place pins for things other than vacation planning. Place pins include addresses and phone numbers, and can be another tool for businesses seeking to increase foot traffic.

Creative Place Pin Uses for Businesses

If your industry doesn?t exactly lend itself to place pins, there are ways to create place pin boards that will complement your business. Get creative and think of things your customers would be interested in finding and learning about. Pin boards should be fun and interesting for the greatest return.

You may have to think outside the box, but nearly every business has location-based products. If you own a restaurant, create a pin board featuring dishes on the menu inspired by other parts of the world. Retailers can create a pin board around a specific theme?think southwestern, Asian or French inspired items.

Pinterest Place Pins Promote Local Businesses

The addition of place pins is indication of a larger strategy for Pinterest that includes improved location-based services and more opportunities for businesses to market themselves and advertise on the social sharing platform. Place pins places Pinterest in competition and cooperation with travel and review websites, and as they grow their network, they also improve their relevance for businesses and users.

Pinterest continues to grow their user base, and has created a unique place for users to discover, dream and plan. Businesses who fit this niche can certain benefit from a strong presence on Pinterest, and place pins are just one more way to enhance your followers experience with your brand.