Redesign and inbound marketing

The Internet is a constantly changing world, and if you feel like your website is getting a little stale it probably is. You may have considered a website redesign, but the project has likely been put off due to other projects or budget issues. But what you?re really doing is putting off the inevitable?you still need to redesign your website, and the longer you wait, the more difficult the task.

Does my website need a redesign?

Before getting started, take a good long look at your website, and put yourself in your customer?s shoes. Is the website easy to navigate, and can you find the information you are looking for? Does the website have valuable information that is of interest? Is it easy to sign up for newsletters or to contact your business?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you should consider redesigning your website or,at the very least, begin to implement a few of these features over time.

Design and Navigation Design

Your website should look nice, but also needs to be easy to find the information visitors are seeking. One of the primary elements of an effective website is easy navigation, and if it is difficult to get around most people will give up and go somewhere else, no matter how nice your website looks.

Inbound Marketing from your Website

Content is even more important when consider an effective website design, and essential website features will come easily with great content. Use call to action buttons to target your message and to promote useful content. Identify areas where you can help your audience get the information they need, while also collecting their information for lead generation.

An abundance of content will also help with SEO efforts. If you don?t already have a blog, start one and start posting. Everything you create will help boost your search engine rankings, and will improve your overall performance in search.

Lead Gathering on Your New Website

Chances are, your existing website is not optimized for lead gathering, and you are missing out. Be sure to implement lead gathering into your new website, and consider how you will gather information from prospective customers. Use call to action buttons and forms to encourage visitors to signup for your newsletter or to provide their email in exchange for a free download.

Make sure it is easy for your visitors to find your forms and call to action buttons, and don?t overburden your forms with requests for information that is not absolutely necessary for your lead gathering purposes. The more information you require, the fewer conversions you will have.

Responsive Design and Compatibility Issues

If you are attempting any type of redesign, it is important that your website features responsive design. Somewhat of a new term, responsive design will optimize the appearance of your website when it is viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The design will utilize the space available in each medium, and will automatically change based on the platform being used.

Also keep in mind that, while still number one, Internet Explorer is losing market share in the browser world. Ensure your website displays correctly in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, at the very least. You can utilize your website traffic data to identify which browsers are the most popular among your visits, as well as what devices your visitors are using to access your website. Use this information to your advantage when creating a responsive design.

Redesigning Your Website

Redesigning your website is a big project, but can pay off significantly for those who do it right. With a focus on simple navigation, great content and effective lead generation, you will improve your SEO rank and increase traffic to your website.

If you don?t have the skills to take on a website redesign project on your own, several companies offer this as a service. Be sure to ask a lot of questions upfront, and be sure to address SEO optimization and responsive website design.