Separating Your Business From The Rest

lightbulb_d50 years ago people would have never thought businesses would operate like we do today. Business and technology have changed so much that those business owners wouldn?t even recognize it. We live in an age where we want things instantly and we thrive off how fast a service or product can be delivered. This can be scary for a business owner that hasn?t made transitions to accommodate the modern customer. Let?s talk about what has changed, how you can feed your customer?s expectations of immediate gratification, and why you can?t afford not to change.

What Has Changed?

Modern technology has made it possible for anyone around the world to figure out a business idea and turn it into a reality literally overnight. This business owner can be based out of a large city or in the outskirts of a small town. In a lot of ways technology has leveled the playing field when it comes to business opportunities. Yet with giants like Amazon it is becoming harder to separate yourself and compete. Let?s be honest? it is tough when you are the underdog and your competition is making your product or performing your service at half the cost. In some industries it is a race to the bottom of the barrel to have the lowest price and turn the industry into a commodity. This is a scary thought ? but with a strategic marketing campaign you can avoid this trap and run your business on your own terms.

How Can You Thrive In An Instant Gratification World?

The question I hear often is what do I do now? How do I make an impact in my local market or even a national market? The answer is simple! You need to create an experience to go along with your product. There is one thing that technology has still yet to fully replicate and that is utilizing all of the human senses and emotions. I think one of the best examples of this is Apple. Whether you love them or hate them they have done something right when it comes to selling and releasing products.

First – they have a quality product. You wouldn?t be in business if you didn?t think you had a quality product.
Second – they create an event where they can get people excited about the upcoming product. I am not saying you have to have a huge event with the top influential people in your industry present, but I am saying you need to create hype around you, your business, and your product.
Third – they create an experience when opening one of their products. Their packaging appeals to the eyes, touch, and to some smell (even unwrapping the packaging is an exciting experience).

Ask Yourself These Questions:
? How is my product or service creating an experience?
? Do I have account managers that treat customers like royalty?
? Do I have a product that is presented better than any other product in your industry?

The main thing?you want to consider when it comes to this experience principle is how are you appealing to the human senses. People forget we have five senses and at times we can appeal to all five?if we play our cards right.

Finally – Apple offers value after the products have been sold with high quality accessories, for the most part great customer service and they are always working on what will come next in their product line.

Why You Can?t Afford NOT?To Change

Whether you like it or not the times are changing and it won?t wait for you. Take a minute to sit down and think what your unique selling points are, and then figure out how you can create an experience around it.

If you want to make more money and work more efficiently then here is where you create your premium. There are tons of companies that have mastered this (i.e. Amazon, Ritz Carlton, Cabela?s, Benihana, etc). Take the first step today and make yourself different. Don?t fall into the traditions of old or allow yourself to stand still while others adjust and pass you by. Commit to start right now with a step forward to separate your business from the rest.