Twitter Adds Photo Tagging, Multiple Photos

In an effort to compete more effectively with photo-centric social media apps like Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook, Twitter has added two new features that provide greater functionality for those wanting to tweet photos.

The first feature allows users to share up to four photos in any single post. Previously, just one photo could be shared per tweet. The second feature allows users to tag up to 10 other users in each photo without using up any of their 140 characters to do so. Users can easily modify their privacy settings to limit tagging.

Marketing Benefits for Businesses Sharing Multiple Photos

The ability to share up to four photos in one tweet is great news for marketers, and this feature can be used effectively to showcase products, offer a behind-the-scenes look, share event photos, and a multitude of other uses. Photos are displayed in a collage right on your Twitter feed. Adding multiple photos allows for more creativity and greater comprehension of marketing messages.

The ability to post multiple photos in one on Twitter means that marketing strategies can be aligned across multiple social media platforms, and makes Twitter much more image-friendly. Twitter obviously hopes to compete with the likes of Instagram, and the move makes them more competitive with Facebook.

How to Utilize Photo Tagging on Twitter

The announcement that users will be able to tag up to 10 people per photo has caused a bit of a privacy stir. Whenever you tag someone in a photo they will receive a notification, just as if you tagged them the old-fashioned way with an @ mention. Users can easily change their privacy settings to either allow anyone to tag them in a photo, or only those who they follow.

Marketers should approach tagging carefully, as it can quickly get annoying and can also be considered intrusive. There are numerous positive ways for businesses wanting to use photo tagging to engage with their Twitter audience. Remember that users can also tag your Twitter handle, opening up a number of possibilities for contests and event marketing.

In addition to contests, photo tagging can be a great way to promote events, or to share event photos with those who were in attendance. Keep an eye on some top brands known for effectively using Twitter for inspiration on how to use this new tool.

Twitter Photo Enhancements

Previously, Twitter modified the way photos and short videos were displayed in their Twitter feed, actually showing images and videos rather than providing a link. That change made it much easier for users to share and see photos posted by others, and paved the way for the new features announced recently.

Twitter officials have made mention of their efforts to streamline some features, including integrating hashtags and mentions in much the same way as retweets?and now photo tags?are now handled. The ability to tag individual users without using any characters looks to be just one step in that direction. Be on the lookout for additional changes in the near future.