Using Custom Embroidered Hats to Promote Your Brand

Having your company logo embroidered on a hat or other piece of headwear can be a great way to promote your business. Hats have several uses, from uniforms to everyday casual wear, and there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from to match your brand. Perfect Point Marketing can help you design and use custom embroidery to enhance your marketing efforts.

Custom branded hats can help your customers identify your employees, and this is especially helpful for employees who travel to customers? homes for service or delivery. By giving hats to your customers, you are turning them into a walking billboard?hats go with everything, and you might even get more impressions than with a t-shirt.

Consider Style and Comfort

Let?s face it, products that are ugly or uncomfortable to wear will sit in the closet or go in the donation bin. When it comes to hats and headwear, it is important to choose a design and color that is attractive and that your customers will enjoy wearing.

Comfort and quality are also very important. If your employees are wearing the custom caps, you will want them to be comfortable and durable. Likewise, if your hat is being worn by customers who may already have a lineup of favorite caps, yours will need to be distinctly different in quality or design.

Choosing a Style of Hat

When we think about promotional custom embroidered hats, many will visualize baseball caps. Baseball caps are the most popular style of hat, but other options like trucker hats, visors, wide-brimmed hats and winter caps or beanies are also available for customization. Your promotional products consultant can help you find the right style of hat for your brand.

Custom embroidered hats are available in just about every color combination imaginable; so let your brand dictate what color the hats should be. Choose appropriate materials for the type of promotion you are doing.

Target Your Promotion to Your Audience

Perfect Point Marketing | BrandingAs with all promotional products, you?ll want to identify your target audience and consider how they will use the custom embroidered hats before deciding which style, colors and materials to use. Trucker hats and beanies appeal to a younger audience, while traditional baseball caps are usually a safe bet for most audiences.

Consider the fit of the hat and who will be wearing it. Ask whether the hat is adjustable, whether it comes in multiple sizes, or if it has a stretch or flex fit. Also think about how it will be worn and where.

Custom embroidered hats are a great way to promote your business, as hats serve multiple purposes?they can be protective and stylish while also advertising your business. Work with your promotional products consultant to find the right style of cap for your brand, at a quality and price you are comfortable with.

Hats have incredible lasting power, and if it looks good and fits well it will be worn and seen by others for a long time. Custom embroidered hats are a popular choice for businesses using promotional products to advertise their business, whether through their employees, customers, or both. Used in combination with t-shirts and other promotional giveaway items you can promote your brand in the community effectively and at a low cost.