Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Eco-friendly promotional products are a great choice whether you are wanting to make a statement or if you simply want to reduce your businesses? footprint. There are two primary types of eco-friendly promotional products?those that are made of recyclable and natural materials and those that promote a greener lifestyle.

When you first think about promotional products you may think they are wasteful and will just end up in the trash. By opting for reusable promotional items, items that can be recycled, or items made of recycled materials you can reduce waste while promoting and encouraging a greener lifestyle.

Choosing eco-friendly promotional products does not mean it will cost more. Work with your promotional products consultant to identify eco-friendly promo products that fit within your budget but also align with your marketing messages.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

The best way to reduce waste is to provide reusable promotional products that your recipients will keep and reuse in place of disposable items. Examples of reusable promotional products would be custom branded water bottlesor reusable grocery tote bags. Many times these items are also made from recycled materials.

When selecting reusable promotional products, quality is important. Choose durable items that can withstand regular use. You will also want to ensure the custom imprint is made to last and won?t scratch off or fade over time. Remember that your customer will have to want to use the item regularly, and opting for a higher quality water bottle will result in better ROI after they bring it to the gym repeatedly.

Promotional Products Made of Recycled Materials

The promotional product industry as a whole has developed an increased awareness of greener practices, and there are products in nearly every category that are made from recycled materials or contain recyclable materials. From pens to notebooks, t-shirts to tote bags, your promotional products consultant can help identify the promotional items that best suits your marketing needs.

Regardless of the type of item you are looking for, if it is made of plastic or fiber it can generally be recycled or can be made from recycled materials. Ask about specific materials before selecting your product or products.

Organic and All-Natural Promotional Products

For a more health-conscious audience, promotional products are also available that use organic or all-natural ingredients or materials. This is important if you are seeking a non-toxic item that is better for the environment and for those who use the products. Organic items may cost slightly more than their counterparts, but the same is not necessarily true for all-natural items.

Your promotional products consultant can help identify potential products for your promotion that align with your specific goals. Make sure to tell them if your company has specific needs or a sustainability requirement.

Promotional Products as Donations

Promotional products are one of the few advertising mediums in which most recipients will donate or give away the item if they no longer have any use for it. While this doesn?t qualify as recycling in the regular sense, the longer an item is used the lesser the impact will be on the environment. This is good news for you, too?long lasting products will result in greater ROI.

Unused promotional items can also be handed out to local charities after the event?s conclusion. Keeping this in mind, you may want to choose an item that could be used to fill a need in your community, rather than create unnecessary waste. If you hand out all your items at your event or tradeshow, that?s great. If not, at least your items can be of use to another group rather than sit in storage somewhere before being thrown out.

Using Eco-Friendly Promotions

If being eco-friendly is important to your company and it?s mission, talk to your promotional products consultant to identify items that leave the smallest footprint on the environment either by using recycled or recyclable materials, using natural ingredients, or are reusable and reduce waste. Using eco-friendly promotional products is a great way to enhance your company?s image, all while making a difference.