Video Production

If A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words, Then A Product Video Is Worth A Thousand Sales!

Did you know that customers who?ve watched a product video are 144% more likely to purchase. Who couldn?t use 144% more business? Just by putting a professional video on your landing page and website you could generate 4 to 7 times more click rates and benefit from customers spending more time on your site.

Video Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to grab attention and drive viewers to take action is by video. Whether you are seeking to add a face to your company, engage your customers, or drive traffic and solicit business, our affordable and powerful video products will meet your needs. We have expertise in software platforms like After Effects for animation, Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro for editing and more!

Video is one of the fastest growing types of content on the Internet. With thousands of videos being consumed online every minute, the value of video as a marketing tool is paramount. It increases rankings in search results, engages customers, builds trust and increases conversion rates. Among other forms of marketing, online video greatly improves email marketing effectiveness. Videos are persuasive, valuable and an integral way of communicating a variety of messages to customers.

Video Is Very Effective and Dramatically More Inexpensive!

Video marketing is less expensive than TV yet still offers production values that are just as high. For the first time in history ads have had more views than Super Bowl Commercials! VW’s Star Wars commercial cost next to nothing to syndicate, yet it generated 3x more viewers than purchasing ads during the Super Bowl! It?s an innovative, engaging and non-intrusive way of marketing to your customer. People greatly prefer to watch video compared to reading text, and this goes across just about every industry. Online video is 5.33 times more effective than text. Video is really one of the few strategies that works well, regardless of the way in which it is used.

Here Are Some Examples of Videos We Have Created For Our Clients