Website Design: Do’s And Don’ts

website design company, website marketing company, website seo companyCreating a fabulous website for yourself or a client is a fun and challenging task. When it comes to website design, there are several factors that you want to keep in mind to make sure the website that you create is top-of-the-line and has all of the necessary components to be effective and inviting.

Website Design Do’s:

  1. Understand that your website needs to be responsive – A responsive website does several things and it’s important to understand the goals of a responsive website before you start the design. Responsive websites:
    -create an easy experience for the user. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website that won’t load half of the content.
    -allows the website to be accessed from many devices, not just a home computer or laptop.
    -are easy to navigate and easy to read.
  2. Show content that user’s want – Save the majority of your content for other pages. Your primary goal should be to show on your homepage the content that people want to see. Do you provide services to clients? Do you offer discounts for purchases? There is specific information your users are looking for when they visit your site and it is your job to make sure you capture that on your homepage so you can capture them! Make sure you include your contact page, and a shopping cart if relevant.
  3. Provide photos and videos – Website visitors like to see images and videos. Just make sure they load fast and are compatible with the website design. You don’t want them to slow down the loading time of the page or spend time buffering.

Website Design Don’ts

  1. Bury content – We all want to show the best side of what we can offer on our websites. We want to make sure all of the information, all of the discounts, all of the awards or licenses, or all of the gallery photos are present. But it’s important to make sure that your website isn’t cluttered and that content isn’t hard to find or read. Keep your pages simple and clean and allow your content to breathe.
  2. Forget about touch-screen – One thing you definitely don’t want is to forget about touch-screen devices! You can’t simply rely on a responsive design to do this for you, you have to remember design for touch. If you don’t, you are going to miss out on a great portion of users because your website will not respond to their mobile devices.
  3. Non-friendly links – Of course, we know that we want our website to include a few links that lead to other internet pages. BUT, don’t forget to make sure those links are mobile friendly. Remeber your user. Think about what will make them happy and bring them back. Don’t ignore the little mistakes that will make them leave and not want to return.

You can design an incredible website with the right tools and remember to include top-of-the-market features. When you aren’t sure which steps to take with your website or how to make sure that you aren’t missing any key steps and features, rely on a trusted and experienced web design company that does! Perfect Point Marketing is an experienced and trusted company that can help you meet all of the goals that your website needs to lead the industry!