Website Design: What’s Hot In 2019

website design idaho falls, web design idaho fallsWebsite design trends can change pretty quickly. Algorithm updates can quickly change industry best practices. New graphics and visuals gain popularity and old designs fade away as dull and boring. What once was considered modern and mainstream for web design will eventually become outdated and cheesy. Fads come and go but knowing the industry best trends help your website remain relevant for several years.

2019 website designs are all about speed, sleek and eye-catching designs, simplicity, and asymmetry. What does all that look like? Let?s talk about each of the trends that are going to help your website catch the attention of new visitors and keep previous visitors coming back.

Fast And Friendly

Fast and friendly is the biggest element of a website for 2019. If your website doesn?t load in less than two seconds, you can say goodbye to potential visitors. Speed is the biggest desire of internet users. Convenience is something we are accustomed to and if your website is not convenient and easy, it?s not going to do what it needs to do.

When we talk about a website being ?friendly? we are talking about how well it works on mobile devices. Mobile devices dominate where searches are coming from and Google will penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. If you don?t know if your website is mobile friendly, contact Perfect Point Marketing for an analysis.

Simple And Striking

Cluttered and unorganized websites are so out! Flat Design is all the rage in 2019. Originally, clean and simple designs were created to respond better on mobile devices. These web designs attracted more and more visits and quickly took over as the standard for web design. Flat designs load quickly, have simple layouts and a minimalist feel. Not only do these websites load faster, but fast loading sites perform better for SEO purposes. Using this type of design can actually help you rank higher in organic search on Google.

Asymmetrical Layouts

A newer trend for web design is less symmetry in the layout. This type of layout gives the website a striking look while allowing the site to remain simple and clean. This type of design has been called ?sloppy and distracting? in the past, but in today?s market it is new and engaging and can help draw attention to content and call-to-action’s on the page.

Single Page Design

Minimalism has been a consistent theme throughout the different aspects of design for 2019.

Single page designs are clean, simple and they load quickly. Of course, there are pros and cons of using single page designs, especially when it comes to digital marketing. If you are curious if a single page design will work for you, contact our team at Perfect Point Marketing.

2019 is a fun year in web-design trends. If you have a current website that is slow or outdated, contact our fantastic web design experts at Perfect Point Marketing in Idaho Falls. We can introduce you to the best simple web design ideas that will keep visitors attention and will remain relevant for years to come.