Website Design in Boise

In today?s constantly connected world, your business? website may be the first impression your customers will have about your company?and that may be good or bad news. A well-designed, easy to navigate website that also displays well on mobile devices is invaluable, while a poorly-designed, outdated website can spell trouble for your Boise business.


Of course, website design goes well beyond the look and feel of your Boise company?s website. Website design in Boise today combines sleek design with search engine-friendly links and content, includes lead generation tools, and ensures your website displays correctly across all devices. The goal is to ensure potential customers are able to locate your website when searching directly or with generic terms, and that your website meets their specific needs when they arrive.


Boise Website Design Audits


Before making any changes to your existing website design, a thorough audit should be completed to identify what currently works and what doesn?t on your website. Your website?s structure, content, and traffic will all be evaluated, and steps for improvement will be identified.


There are a number of things considered during the website audit process including current SEO rankings, the performance and structure of your Boise website, whether you are employing structured HTML, what content currently exists, and how well that existing content is performing. Website design includes the front-end of your website, but also improvements on the back-end that improve performance and compatibility.


We?ll also look at the behavior of your current visitors and identify any problems that may exist for your Boise website. Evaluating existing website data and analytics is an essential first step to help identify how customers are finding your website, what pages they are visiting, how many pages they visit and how long they stay on your website. This data can then be used to make various improvements.


SEO Considerations for Website Design


A well-designed website will always be optimized for SEO, and effective SEO can help deliver more targeted customers to your Boise business through organic search traffic. This is accomplished through content marketing and keyword targeting for your Boise business, and well as the use of structured HTML that affects how your website appears in search results.


Local businesses that implement strong location-based SEO as part of their website design can outrank other businesses when customers search for generic terms in the Boise area, delivering pre-qualified leads to your website. Once there, your website design can encourage the collection of customer information for further lead nurturing and conversion.


Designing Mobile-Friendly Websites for Boise Businesses


If your website does not display correctly on mobile devices, now is the time to create a mobile-friendly or responsive website design. More and more people are using mobile devices to access websites, and if your page doesn?t display correctly, takes forever to load, or never loads at all, you could be losing customers for your Boise business.


The rules are different for mobile-friendly website design and web-based website design, and your Boise website should be optimized for mobile traffic. Your website should load quickly, utilize mobile-specific font sizes for easier reading, and have streamlined navigation to encourage mobile visitors to browse your website.


How Do I Know When to Redesign My Website?


If you are considering a website redesign but aren?t sure if it?s necessary, a thorough website audit can help you determine if your Boise business can benefit from a new website design. Things like bounce rates, how visitors navigate your website, and which content and pages are the most popular should all be considered when evaluating your website design. You should also look at how many of your visitors are using mobile devices, and see if they are bouncing or are able to navigate your website.


Most websites that exist today can benefit from a new website design that promotes SEO and lead generation. Boise businesses can see increased website traffic from effective SEO practices on their website, and in combination with lead generation tools can also grow their customer base. You may not need to change the actual design of your website, but modifications to your content and HTML coding may help with SEO.


What If I Don?t Have a Website?


If your Boise business does not have a website, you are missing out on a powerful tool you can use to market your business. In addition, when customers search for your business they may receive incorrect information from a directory listing, or they may not be able to find your business at all. Websites are not going away anytime soon, and by investing in a functional website today you can claim your brand identity and grow your business.