What Makes A Good Trade Show Giveaway?

If you have ever exhibited or attended a trade show, regardless of your industry, you probably noticed a recurring trend?everyone is handing out custom branded promotional products at their trade show booths. Choosing the right promotional item can drive traffic to your booth, create a memorable experience for attendees, and promote your brand in a positive way both during and after the show.

The problem is that everyone is handing out branded promo products to their booth visitors, and cheap or useless items generally end up in the trash. So, what makes a good trade show giveaway? How do you find something that will provide value to the end user after the show, while also creating a memorable experience at your booth?

Use High-Quality Promo Products

If you are offering branded items as giveaways at trade shows, offering high quality items that work or meet an immediate need is key. The cheapest pens rarely work for long, and flimsy reusable bags will inevitably tear. Each trade show item has pros and cons, and the type of show you are exhibiting at, where the show is located, and who your target customer is will all impact the type of promo products you select.

The best promotional products are the ones that can be used long after the show. Give away a durable tote bag so show-goers have something to put all their other items in, but that could also double as a reusable grocery tote. With the increasing use of technology, giveaways like stylus pens or microfiber cleaning cloths can also be useful.

Depending on your budget, promotional items like desk accessories, USB drives andcar chargers can provide lasting impressions as they will be useful to the recipient after the show. Lower cost items like lip balm, hand sanitizer and snacks or breath mints are also likely to be kept and used by trade show attendees. Keep in mind that most items must be able to clear airport carry-on security.

Target Your Giveaway Items to Your Brand and Customer

Your promotional giveaways should be memorable, and this can be achieved by identifying items that suit your brand and that will be used by your customers. There are unlimited options here as there are hundreds of thousands of promotional products to choose from. Be creative, and work with your promotional products consultant to identify the right items for your brand.

It?s also a good idea to provide an item that will be of use during the tradeshow, thereby increasing impressions among other attendees. Reusable totes or bags, lanyards, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, luggage tags, and water bottles are all potential tradeshow giveaways.

Diversify Your Tradeshow Giveaways for Potential Customers

Remember that you don?t have to offer just one item?you can utilize a variety of items to appeal to a broader audience. Tradeshows can sometimes be hit or miss, but you can improve your return on investment by targeting your promotional giveaway items to more promising prospects. Offer a low-cost item for the general public, but provide a higher-value item to someone who is already a valued customer or who you feel would be a strong lead.

The low-cost items will help get your name out in front of as many people as possible. The higher-value items, on the other hand, can help forge new relationships with prospective customers or partners.Remember also to change it up a bit. It?s easy to find something that works and stick with that item year after year. Keep in interesting for those who visit your booth regularly by offering a new item or a few different items at each show.

Your promotional products consultant at Perfect Point Marketing can help identify the right promotional products for your company and can help craft a strategy or campaign based around your campaign goals.