What You Need to Know about Google?s Mobile Friendly Update

blogAs of April 21st 2015, Google unveiled a new mobile friendly update that will see to it that mobile friendly pages are ranked higher on mobile search results. What this means is that visitors accessing sites on their mobile devices will have an easier time finding results that are readable without tapping or zooming, something that is quite frustrating for the user. Also, the results displayed will have tap targets that are spaced appropriately and will not contain unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

As a business owner, what this means for you is that you must invest in mobile friendly website design if you have not already. With almost 30 percent of online traffic coming from mobile devices, you cannot afford to ignore the implications of this mobile friendly update. Businesses that have not adapted their websites to be responsive to the platform they are being accessed from will most definitely report lower numbers as far as mobile traffic is concerned.

When it comes to keeping up with Google?s constantly changing algorithms, you must remember one thing-Google updates its algorithms with the user?s experience in mind. It is important to realize?that it is Google?s goal to make the users experience a positive one. Google is concerned about the user experience rather than boosting the visibility of particular websites. It is much easier to design your website in a way that ?algo-proofs? it, meaning that you do not have to worry too much about future updates when you acknowledge user experience reigns supreme.

The fact that Google strives to adapt their services to current demographic and technological trends gives an explanation as to why the mobile friendly update came to be. Currently, more and more people are accessing their internet on their mobile devices, and this trend is expected to grow. Businesses that focus on these trends are much more likely to be unaffected by the changing algorithms that Google tends to roll out.

With the smartphone getting staggeringly popular all over the world, having a mobile friendly website is on the must-have list for all businesses. If you are a business owner looking to get a mobile friendly website that will place you many steps ahead of the competition, Perfect Point Marketing is just the right design and marketing team for you. Perfect Point Marketing will see to it that you get a website that will not only make a good first impression on all devices.