Why Integrated Marketing is Essential

online marketing strategiesSearch engine optimizations (SEO), social media, content, email, print advertising, and context, the list goes on and on. There are so many different kinds of marketing in today?s world that it is easy to get them confused. One of the best solutions to solve this issue is pretty simple: integrate your marketing efforts.

Integrating your marketing strategy means that each branding effort, television, radio, print, online, and word of mouth, are presented in similar styles that reinforce the brand?s overall message.

Keeping your integrated marketing consistent doesn?t mean there should be a lack of creativity. Throwing a single color palate together and using the same tagline across all media is not the epitome of integrated marketing.

A professional marketing team should work behind-the-scenes to devices an integrated marketing strategy that is a unified voice for the brand, compelling and transition it appropriately into your brand?s persona, from physical advertising to digital advertising to customer service.

Integrated Marketing is Customer Focused

Successful marketing starts and ends with your customers. Your customers should be a top priority, and that is well known, but rarely executed because most marketing budgets focus on obtaining new customers not retaining old ones. Sure, adding new customers can add growth opportunity, but most of the income that contributes to a company?s longevity comes from the loyal customers who continuously return. Marketing to customers who are already established can cost less and generate more revenue than you would expect. These people already know and trust your business so you don?t have to hard sell to get their business. Your primary marketing strategy should be designed around your current customers. Find out how and where they want to connect with you and make it easy for them to do so. You can make it even easier for them to promote your business by giving them discounts and free content to share with their family and friends.

Integrated Marketing has Checks and Balances

Your marketing dollars don?t have to be spread out evenly across all marketing channels, just don?t go pour all of your budgets into one medium. As the saying goes, ?don?t put all of your eggs in one basket,? using a tunnel vision approach is setting yourself up for failure. The recipe for success starts with an integrated marketing strategy that includes balance and flexibility.

Take social media, for instance, social media is a powerful marketing tool for any brand, however on its own, it won?t be the ultimate weapon you are looking for. Even within social media itself, you want to have a balanced strategy since the rules can change at any moment and you don?t happen to own the medium. What happens if your social media traffic stalls on Facebook? Integrated marketing doesn?t require you to be in every market, just be where your customers are.

Have a Clear Defined Goal

Customers expect a consistent experience across all of their touch points with a company?s services and products. When you build a successful integrated marketing strategy that has a clear defined goal you can deliver that consistent experience.

Have you decided to create an integrated marketing strategy for your company? Still on the fence? If you are wondering where you should start, contact our team at Perfect Point Marketing for any tips and direction you will need to captivate and dazzle your audiences.

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